Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Tomorrow we begin immunotherapy.  This phase should be the last hospital phase of his treatments.  For those of you who aren’t oncologists, let me explain what immunotherapy is. 

Basically cancer is an evil villan dressed in a disguise.  The body’s police force (white blood cells/T Cells, et al.) does not see the cancer cells for what they are which allows the cancer to continue to reproduce.  Immunotherapy consists of sending special undercover agents into the body.  These agents have a hook on one end that will only attach to the specific kind of cancer that is being targeted.  On the other end is a big neon sign that says, “Evildoer here!! Come kill the mofo.”  The body’s police force then will learn what the disguised cancer cells look like, and can eliminate any new cells that pop up.

So that is the science.  Now to the kid.  Cole has been feeling great.  His hair is continuing to grow in, and the softness of it sends girls, and women alike, into a frenzy cooing and whimpering.  Wherever we go, his hair brings all the girls to the yard.  They keep offering him milkshakes and pancakes.  I don’t understand why, but I think it is an MTV thing or something.

Yesterday Cole and I had a grand adventure up in SF.  James Fitzsimmons gave us a couple of tickets to the wax museum that had been donated by El Crystal Elementary (once again San Bruno representing).  I personally don’t find wax museums very interesting, and do find them kind of creepy, but free tickets are free tickets, so off we went. 

Cole did not really enjoy the wax museum very much.  First off it was very dark and had weird eerie music.  Added to that was the fact that Cole did not really know any of the (statutes? Figures? Scary candles?) people.  While the museum was not super fun, we still were determined to have a glorious adventure.  We headed over to pier 39 to try and find something that was overpriced (never did find anything), and we soon found ourselves in a mirror maze.  We, of course, immediately put on our claw gloves and fought it out.

So it ended up being a cool adventure.  Our next few adventures will be to the Aquarium By the Bay (thanks to Keri Brown for the tickets), Alcatraz, SJ Tech museum, and Hiller Aviation Museum. 

Tomorrow night Cole and I will head over to Kaiser to start him therapy (therapy is the grown up word for getting to play as much video games as you want), but for now please raise your glasses and toast Cole, Olympic swimmer. 

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