Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday (Tuesday), Cole and I spent an enjoyable morning at the clinic while he was infused with IVIG.  I can honestly say with no shame at all that I have no idea what the IVIG is, nor what it does.  It seemed important to the doctors; however, that we do it, so we did. 

While we were there searching for the lost ark (come to find out it was made of legos…..and to think, they had legos way back then), I talked to the doctors about Cole’s upcoming immunotherapy.  I will discuss it more in detail in a later posting because we are still in the planning phase right now.  They did try and schedule one session for the week that we will be at DisneyWorld (thanks Make-A-Wish for hooking us up, and especially thanks for the Virgin America flight.  Not sure which is more exciting, having the super awesome Virgin America flight or the excuse to repeatedly say Virgin over and over again…hehehe), but I told him, buddy….er something.

For this past month, I have really been enjoying only working 2 days per week (other 3 days are spent watching Cole and saving Lego Gotham from supervillians and/or superheros; however, tomorrow is payday so I am sure that the unfortunate business of reality will soon set in.

In that light, I have picked up a little second job working for a wellness organization that arranges for doctors, message therapists, etc. to go into businesses and give wellness lectures and dole out free messages (along with a catered lunch from Subway) for employees.  It probably won’t generate a bunch of money, but I can do the work remotely which is a good thing.  If anyone out there has a company that is interested let me know.  It is totally free to the company…..ok fine, enough pitching (but since I will be working as an independent contractor, and since I did some work via this blog, and since I am writing this blog on BART, I will be able to write off all my BART fees (despite that they are already pre-taxed), right?).

Now on to Cole……………………………………………………………………………………. (holding down the period button reminds me of when they came out with the turbo controller for Nintendo (or Sega?).  Remember how many Contras you could wipe out with that thing?)…………………………..  Cole has hair.  Think I already told you that, but it is so awesome that I told you again.  Expect me to keep telling you. 

He has been feeling really great lately.  Radiation finished up on Monday, and he seemed to not have any ill side effects.  He gets the rest of the week off, and then next week he has all the tests (CAT, MIBG, SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, ETC) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Other than that he has a bunch of free time on his hands for the next couple of weeks.  He is still not cleared to go to school, but he can go out and do things.  Here is where you come in.  Any ideas on cool stuff to do around the Bay Area?  Now I know all the normal stuff, so don’t tell me about museums and such, but if you have any interesting, off the wall, kind of fun places to go, I would love to hear about it.  Otherwise I ask that you please raise your glasses and toast Cole, Backpack designer/manufacturer/retailer/consumer (fully streamlined).


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  2. You can see about getting a tour of LucasFilm.