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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ok so first things first.  I have to get something off my chest.  Now I know that I am hardly a fashionista.  I also recognize that clothes worn by one generation must, and a central rule of the universe, look completely ridiculous to other generations.  I also recognize that I am rapidly becoming old.  Despite all that, I have to say that there this a fashion trend that I have been noticing that troubles me greatly.  You know what I am talking about.  Capri Pants on dudes.  Come on.  As Cole would say, “seriously.”

Now that my conscious is clear, we can move on to why we are here today.  Today I am not going to talk about Cole (except maybe tangentially), nor am I going to talk about medical stuff.  Today we need to recognize Elisa.

Eight years ago today Elisa momentarily lost her mind and married a balding, silly man.  Granted the man has a quick wit, easy going nature, and nice round backside, but let’s be frank.  He is completely off his rocker.  Still Elisa took the plunge and agreed (based primarily on the eternal promise of ready water glasses upon request) to be married.

In those ocho anos (insert ~ as appropriate for you purists), there have been many ups, and as you all well know, some staggering downs.  But through it all Elisa has held her family together, and kept her husband on the straight and narrow (well at least kept him near it.  Come on, she is only human after all…..or is she?), and has generally just been the best possible wife a man could ask for.

If you see her today, or if you get some time to drop her an email or a facebook note, wish her happy anniversary, and let her know how awesome she is.  I know that I will.

Love you babe.

So I ask that you please raise your glasses today and toast Elisa and my marriage (to each other).  I know I will.

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