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Monday, August 8, 2011


Good weekend.  Cole got some cool looking tattoos (although not as cool as I was hoping for) that, appropriately I guess, look like little targets.  Then, in order to make the radiation tech’s job harder cuz that’s how he rolls, Cole decided to tattoo his hands and arms with similar dots.

Cole also had a physical therapy appointment where the therapist said that he “toes out” but that structurally (bone, muscle, tendon, etc) all the parts are working right.  He thinks that the quad is just a little weak from being in the hospital bed.  Cole was given exercises that, as all physical therapy exercises are, seem to be kind of ridiculous, but since the therapist is the expert, we will follow his instructions.  I still don’t know why Cole has to have a chicken on his head while doing them, but I didn’t go to PT school, so what do I know?

On Saturday, Elisa and I had planned to go to a movie and to lunch to celebrate our anniversary.  We had PJ and Abby come over to watch the kids, and we set off.  Now because Elisa’s life is rather boring with no challenges, I decided to refrain from telling her exactly how little gas we had in the car prior to leaving.  In hindsight, that might not have been the best idea that I had that day.  Naturally we ended up running out of gas at a stoplight on a good sized hill.  I had to pop the clutch (in reverse) to get it going and then do a crazy maneuver to get the car up the hill.  While we ended up missing the movie due to the delay, popping the clutch was pretty fun.  I have not popped a clutch since my old green Honda (I sure wrecked the hell out of that car).

After not seeing the movie, we had a nice lunch at Jack’s Prime, and then headed home.  We played with the boys and seemed destined to have just another normal weekend of hanging out….but oh no…..that would be too easy.  Late in the afternoon, Elisa was flushing Cole’s line when it exploded.   Yes you read right, Cole’s line exploded and suffered a gaping hole (ok maybe a slight exaggeration, but if you have ever heard me tell a story you would know that I am unable to not add color to a story) the size of my elbow.

So we headed down to Santa Clara in order for the line to be repaired by trained medical professionals who have access to some amazing medical instruments and supplies.  Unfortunately the amazing medical supplies part turned out to be wrong.  The nurse, who wears crocs with the spring heel thing... very strange looking, pulled a total MacGyver.  He wrapped the tubing around a paper clip.  Yes you read right, a paper clip.  The paper clip kinked the tube and Cole stopped leaking blood (which for those of you who have less medical training than me (Medical training is the grown up word for watching at least two of: ER, Gray’s Anatomy, Hawthorne, Royal Pains, and the episodes of Friends when Joey was Dr. Drake Remore) is a good thing). 

The surgeon is supposed to be back in town today, and we are hoping to get a more permanent fix.  A binder clip at least.

Sunday was pretty chill.  We went to the park (Cole and I rode our bikes there), and video chatted with the Zonians over Xbox.
Hopefully today we will get Cole’s line all taken care of, and Elisa and the kids can enjoy a nice summer day.  For now, though, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, medical supplies distributor.

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