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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know that it has been a while since I last wrote, and I know that many of you have been concerned by the lack of updates.  For that I am sorry.  You see, I find it so very difficult to write when all seems to be going well (by that line of logic you can assume that if I am writing things are, or I am, less than stellar).  This weekend has given me fuel to pick up the proverbial pen again.

To start, please rest assured that everything is going well with Cole.  He is nearly done with radiation (last day is next Monday), and thus far has had no noticeable side effects.  Everyday he goes into the room with the very funny Russian guy, Alex, and they have a grand old time. 

Cole has had great energy, and little to no loss of appetite.  His hair is even growing back.  Within a week or so, his hair will be longer than mine (not really too much of an accomplishment if you have seen my dome, but at least it is a start).  He has been getting schoolwork from his teacher in San Bruno that he will have as soon as he gets cleared to go to school, and has been enjoying having me home 3 days per week (cuz I play games and video games) and has also not enjoyed it (cuz we butt heads when it comes to school work). 

The week of the 19th of this month we have the full battery of tests (MIBG, CT, ECHO,  and HEARING), and assuming that all is how it is supposed to be, we will jump right into immunotherapy.  That should last about 5 months, give or take.  I am going to go ahead and assume that his awesomeness will continue.

Heading into this last weekend, I was upbeat.  Cole was doing well, and I had just spoken with the Make-A-Wish people and was informed that they were able to get us on the Virgin America non-stop flight for our trip to DisneyWorld.  Elisa is very tired of me blabbing on and on about getting the Virgin America flight, but she has never been on one of their flights, so please excuse her ignorance. 

Then, on Friday, the fit hit the shan.  First I lost power to some lights and plugs in my garage (including the plug that makes the washing machine wash and the freezer remain freezed).  I tried to replace the fuse (yes my house is that old) only to blow two more fuses just as soon as I popped them in.  Of course that means that I have a short in my electrical line somewhere.  Super!!!!!!!  The only slightly silver lining is that I still have my home warranty so hopefully they will take care of most, if not all, of the cost.

If that wasn’t enough, on the way home from San Jose, I get an engine overheating warning and I almost blow my engine.  I was able to get the Tourag back to the Rinde’s house (thanks to Bob’s help and the boys constantly asking me, “When is the engine going to start smoking” about 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 times).  The next day I had it towed to the shop and have since discovered that the water pump and the thermostat are bad, and that both my belts are about to snap.  $3K to fix.  Super!!!!!!!!!

I know that these are not really big things, but with everything else that is going on, it is just crap that I don’t really need.  I understand that all of this stuff is just the universe balancing itself out after giving me such amazing looks (wait, I am not that attractive, WTF universe?  I don’t even know you anymore.)

The weekend did finally turn itself around.  Liz brought Marty over for the first time, and while we did not sneak in and steal the black box that renders all encryption devices mute, we did have a nice time, and Mother ended up with some nice ramen leftovers. 

Then on Monday we had a small BBQ with some of the other families on the block.  There were a bunch of kids from brand new to 2nd grade all running around having a great time.  I love having these little get togethers because it reminds me that even though all my stuff (house, car, hairline) seems to be breaking down, I live on a kick ass block.

That is all for now, so please raise your glasses and toast Cole, winner of the 2011 under 14 Wipeout Championship. 

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