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Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year

Let me tell you what I am tired of…

Well first, I haven’t written in a while.  I don’t know why, just haven’t felt like it.  I know many of you have missed the daily peek into my brain (for which you should really have your head examined), so welcome back.

I don’t remember what my last post was, so I will just give an overall update. 

Cole is working his way through the immunotherapy portion of his treatment.  If all goes according to plan, this should be his last therapy that includes hospitalizations.  Within the immunotherapy world, he is working through the 4th of 6 phases (fortunately only 5 of which include hospitalizations).  Phase 4 is the nastiest one, and I am not looking forward to it.  Grandma Kathy came out for week one of this phase and Unca Chris is out this week for week two.  Strangely, I am having trouble coming to grips with the fact that I will not be at the hospital, and possibly will not be back again.  It is wonderful that we have so many family members who are willing and able to set their lives aside to help out. 

Oooh, just had a random thought.  They should totally remake Red Dawn.  Not sure how to remake it and have it be relevant to today, but that needs to happen.  WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cole has (now kind of unsurprisingly) been responding very well so far.  His hair is all the way back, and has grown into an amazingly combed position.  He is eating well (amazingly mo betta in the hospital last time, where he usually does not eat anything)

Over Thanksgiving, we went on the most amazing trip to Florida, courtesy of Make A Wish.  I know many of you followed my sporadic tweeting so you have some idea of how the trip went.  For those of you who didn’t, it was killer.  I might write about the trip in more detail in another posting, but for now rest assured that we had the best time.  Thanks to Chris’ team for coming with us.

Cole has really gotten into Star Wars lately.  He and I watched A New Hope in the hospital, Empire Strikes Back (too much talking for him), and Return of the Jedi.  We have also been running through Star Wars Lego on the Wii. 

Now back to what I am tired of.  I am tired of walking past Cole’s room at 10:13 pm, and not seeing him.  I am tired of missing work because this damn disease keeps him from going to school.  I am tired of worrying about how we are going to make up the missed pay from missing work.  I am tired of being stressed out about the fact that I am almost out of FMLA days.  I am tired of having to explain to Logan that Cole has to go to the hospital again.  I am tired of Cancer.

Well that is all for now.  Please keep Cole, and the rest of our family, in your thoughts and prayers.  Also please raise your glasses and toast Cole, Jedi Knight.

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