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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I was a history major in college, so I understand the struggle that has gone on between workers and employers since the industrial revolution.  I get it.  I understand that many of the comforts and rights that I enjoy today (8 hour work day, overtime pay, rest breaks, meal breaks, the right not to be beaten unless I want to, etc.) at my workplace have come as a result of workers fighting, mainly through the use of the strike.  I get it.  Now please don’t think me ungrateful, but I have to say that there are some strikers who are just being selfish.

Take for example the big nurses’ strike that is coming next week.  Now some might say that they are badly needed workers doing a thankless job and are in dire need of more pay.  Fine…whatever, but did you really have to set the strike for next wee?  I mean, come on, Cole has not been in the hospital for the last three weeks.  Couldn’t you have done this last week?  Now Cole has to delay his treatment (maybe final?  Don’t want to be too optimistic, but I am losing that battle) by 2 whole days.

(Please imagine I am speaking as if I had cotton balls stuffed in my cheeks as you read this paragraph) Now I have to make arrangements to have Cole start his treatments on Wednesday.  If something were to befall him during this time…If he were to have an accident….If he were to accidently hang himself in his jail cell…I am going to blame some of the people in this room….

All that being said, I am looking forward to knocking this last treatment cycle out.  I am guardedly, cautiously, and hungrily optimistic that once done with this treatment, we will never have to see the inside of the PICU again.  That is my wish and dream.

Cole has been doing very well as of late.  He has been going to school (orders to the contrary be damned), and my top secret informers tell me that he has been seen running and playing with other children at school.  Thank (insert deity, spirit, or favorite celebrity of your choice here) for that.  I have been scared that he would have trouble integrating himself into the social fabric that is first grade; however, as with seemingly everything else, he makes me feel foolish for my fears.

We are eagerly awaiting March 1st (Thing 3’s entrance to the world), and have been preparing the homestead for his arrival.  Cole and Logan are back in the same room.  A room which has been painted with the San Diego Chargers in mind.  The baby’s room has been painted.  As soon as the crib gets here, we will be all set (except for buying diapers, wipes, a stroller, and all the other things that babies need.  You know for only being a few pounds, they sure do need a lot of crap)

I guess that is all for now….wait…I almost forgot.  I was looking at the stats today and I noticed that this blog has generated over 33K hits from over 10 countries since its inception.  I know that is not a big number within the world of internet blogging, but to me it seems close to infinity.  I want to thank you for your support this last year, and let’s all hope for a better 2012.  In the meantime please raise your glasses and toast Cole, market research analyst.

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  1. Comment from school friend, of Mrs. Passmore's class.
    On a personal level, I just want to let everyone know what a outgoing and loving child Cole is. He fits in like a glove with his first grade class. He's always happy and goes out of his way to say hi to everyone. He loves to talk about about his family with me when I walk him to school on tuesday's with my daughter.