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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Why is it that when I eat cinnamon toast, it is not spicy, but every cinnamon flavored candy is spicy?  I asked Oliver but he just spit up on me.  I guess it is kind of a sensitive subject for him (and no the spit up was not caused by the red hot that I let him taste).  Oh well, I guess I will just have to write this off as a mystery that will never be solved.

Oliver continues to wake up a few times each night despite the fact that I keep explaining to him that it is night time, and night time is sleep time, not eat time.  I must have been looking a little ragged these last couple of days because Elisa decided to let me sleep through the 3 am feeding extravaganzas.  It is amazing that the baby could be all by himself up in the tree house (which, on the record, has never happened) and Elisa could be down the street playing the tuba, and she could still hear him cry.  On the other hand (no professor you are wrong, you don’t have to explicitly say ‘on one hand’ to be able to use ‘on the other hand’ when clearly the one hand is implied.  This from a professor who showed me a great deal of animal porn under the guise of an anthropology class), I could be taking a nap and the child could be sleeping on my face, and I would not hear him cry.

Oliver is getting pretty good at crying.  He is already better than Cole ever was.  When Cole was a baby, he would cry for a minute or two and then do a cost analysis report.  If the analysis determined that crying was not worth the effort, he would stop.  I am waiting to see if he will be able to have the perseverance that Logan had.  Logan’s analysis was to ask himself if he had been given whatever it was that he wanted which had begun the crying.  If no, then continue crying.  If yes, then ask if there is anything else that he wants.  If yes, then continue crying.

OK, that is all for today, please tip your waitresses on the way out, and don’t forget your jackets.  We will return shortly, but in the meantime please raise your glasses to the Baker Boys and their upcoming world tour.   

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