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Friday, March 30, 2012


Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy.  First off, while I understand that these books were written for teens (lots of gory death but no sex….our priorities are wrong…..but that is for another blog), the books still were not all that good.  The premise was sound, although predictable (very imaginative evil setup that needs to be overthrown; a seemingly unwilling heroine thrust into the limelight by other powers; final decision that must be made which will determine the fate of the world).  I had two major problems, however.  The first is that there were a huge number of grammatical mistakes.  Now I don’t eat, shoot, or leave, nor do I eat shoots, or leave but a professionally printed book should not have these mistakes.  The other big problem I had was the ending.  They should have ended the book the second she shot the last arrow.  Don’t tell me what happens next.  Don’t tell me how they lead the rest of their lives.  Just take the shot, and end it.  That being said, the books are nice potato chip books (a tasty quick literary snack that does not really fill you up but holds you over until dinner).

Cole has all of his big imaging tests coming up soon, and I am starting to get that gut twisting feeling in my stomach.  It is not that I am overly scared that the images will show something bad, just that these are the big ones.  We are all done with treatment and these tests will tell us if we are going to be able to move forward in a semi-normal fashion with the rest of our lives, or if this nightmare is going to continue.  OK, fine, maybe I am scared.  So be it.  I just want them to be here.  Waiting (like Aqua-Man, who is the Scooter of the Justice League) sucks.

So anyway like I was saying.  We are right in the middle of our busy season over here at Casa California Baker (busy season is the grown up word for the period beginning 2/11(by b-day), 3/1(Oliver), 3/2(Elisa), 4/1(Cole), 4/8(Easter), 5/9(Logan)).  Full planning control of Cole’s birthday party has been given over to me (what were they thinking).  I have devised a Harry Potter themed party which will include Quiddich  tryouts (sweaty grass stained kids), potion class (I think most of the ingredients are legal to give to kids), defense against the dark arts (love hitting stuff), and wand making (nothing like a customized weapon).  Boy parties are awesome.  I think next year we will have an MMA tournament.

Cole has issued his birthday request list, and it is thus:

Wii Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
Art stuff
Lego Harry Potter Legos
2 fish
1 hermit crab
A make lemonade kit
Green Eggs and Ham (not sure if he wants the meal or the book)

Logan’s birthday will be a little bit more subdued, but he has also drafted his list:

Camera (like Cole's indestructable)
Bob the Builder things
Art stuff
Fire engine game
Police game
Sports things
Play structure
Gardening tools
water toys
Legos (normal size, not baby size) - police, fire engine, star wars

On the Oliver front, he is doing well.  He stays awake longer and longer each day, and I am pretty sure that he has already smiled like 20 times.  I know what you are thinking right now…it is just gas…well I say to you…I also smile after expunging gas….so there…  He has already started torturing his mother a little bit, but I am sure that will stop soon…at least I hope so…well it hasn’t yet with the other boys…

Last thing before I go.  I just found out that there is a 5K (for those of the Sam Baker ilk who agree that the metric system is stupid, 5K can roughly be converted to fro here to piyonder) fundraiser walk for Make A Wish in June.  We, or some portion of our household, are going to sign up.  I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same, or at least donate to the cause.  After I get my team registered, I will let you know how you can donate.  But at anytime if you want to donate to Make-A-Wish, but don’t know how, send me the money via paypal with a note that it is for Make-A-Wish, and I will get it there.  For now; however, please raise your glasses and toast Elisa, super mom.

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