Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Friday, June 24, 2011


So anyway, like I was saying…yesterday we runned up to UCSF to sign all of the consent forms for the transplant procedure, and we met with the Doctor.  I love meeting new doctors regarding new medical things (things is the most eloquent word in the English language.  It just gets a bad rap.  Don’t judge lest ye be judged) because we get a whole new set of worst case scenarios to mull over.  Some people would find that disturbing and emotionally draining, but not me.  I look at it like….well…no…it sucks, and I am tired of it.  I do; however, appreciate that the worst case scenarios were always preceded by the word “rarely, and not by the phrase, “what will likely happen.

We also swung by, via the longcut (long cut is the grownup word for taking the emergency exit stairs from floor 3 to floor 7 then realizing that they are emergency stairs then having to go all the way back down to the first floor before some nice person finally lets you back into the hospital so that you can take the elevator), the 7th floor pediatric ward.  It is amazing how different UCSF and Kaiser Santa Clara really are.  Kaiser is a very suburbia hospital.  There is a lot of room, and everything moves at a more gentle pace.  UCSF is very much an SF hospital.  It seems very chaotic, it is very cramped, and the people you see are much more unique.  There was a seemingly lost crazy lady hovering outside of our room for a while and then ended up kind of following us outside.  She never said a word, but I am pretty sure (after some deep and meaningful introspective thought (i.e. drinking two Stellas in my new father’s day beer mugs that had been chilled in the freezer…yum)) she was a government agent who had been nearly killed and was suffering from amnesia (that is a good idea for a movie, someone should look into that).

We also learned, after I randomly commented that I had seen (what seemed to me to be) a large number of correctional officers, that at least one to two residents of Chez San Quinten come up to UCSF every day for medical treatment.  Sometimes the Constitution is dumb.

All in all the day was pretty fun.  Cole has embraced my challenge that he get up to 50 lbs by Tuesday.  So he had doughnuts for breakfast, quesadilla for lunch, frozen pizza dipped in ranch for dinner, and 2 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (with magic fat powder added) for the unnamed meal at the end of the night that is really an attempt by kids to avoid having to go to bed (we should form a committee to name this meal).

Last night Cole facetimed (for those of you who are not as cool as Cole…Face Time is an app on the ipod and iphone that allows the user to video chat over WiFi) Uncle Chris and they planned their upcoming D&D campaign.  I know I am biased because I love D&D, but I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see how excited he gets over this game. 

We are looking forward to Chirs’ team’s impending California invasion, and Cole is crazy excited.  As we wait, please raise your glasses and toast Cole professional golfer.

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