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Monday, June 27, 2011


Dude, killer weekend.  Elisa planned a bold weekend that many of the naysayers, critics, and various other naredowells thought could not be pulled off.  Oh how little they know my wife. 

We started off Saturday with some aquatic education time for Logan.  He really is getting into swimming.  I think is favorite part is doing the dive off the wall.  After that we ran up to Crissy Fields for baby Vivian’s first birthday.  The weather started out cold, but warmed up before too long.  They boys enjoyed the beach, although Logan has acquired his father’s (very healthy, sane, and frankly reasonable) respect (no it is not fear, please stop interrupting) for the ocean and would not go near it. 

After the party we headed home for a little rest time before heading out to our next adventure, bowling.  Taking the boys bowling was very fun.  To begin with I somehow was able to get the lane and the boys’ shoes for free.  All we paid for was our shoes.  I, of course being the bowling pro, barely missed bowling a 300 (just missed it by about 180 points).  Elisa and the boys were not far behind me.  During the, highly competitive, game, Elisa had the great (great does not do it justice, more like legen……….wait for it……….dary) idea of ordering some of the snack bar nachos.  Mmmmm stale chips and melted plastic cheese……….(insert drool here)…….

Of course all great bowling adventures (except for maybe in ’74 due to the strike shortened year) must be concluded with a trip to Denny’s in order to eat breakfast for dinner.  Denny’s was everything that you could expect right down to the old lady at the front with the chains on her glasses, 50s style.  The temptation to call her Flo was almost too much to bear.  I refrained, mostly because this weekend was about the boys.

After Denny’s it was back to the house to finish up the preparations for Outside Movie night.  In order to illustrate how awesome Elisa is and how she intended to leave it all on the floor this weekend, we painted a big white square on the side of the house which was going to serve as our movie screen.  Saturday’s feature presentation was Ant Bully.  I laughed.  I cried.  I drank scotch (which may have caused the first two). 

The kids were in bed by 10:30 pm, and then back up to continue the weekend of awesomeness.  On Sunday we took the boys to Gilroy Gardens, a very fun theme park that is designed for people that are approximately ½ the size of me and roughly 1/10th to 1/5th my age.

Logan loved it.  With him you never know if you are going to get the scared kid or the adventurous kid.  Fortunately we got the adventurous kid.  It helped that he has a big brother that loves all kinds of rides.  We went on nearly every ride (and even rode the train, at Logan’s very persistent insistence, twice), vastly overpaid for food, and generally had a great time.  We even ran into some folks from the neighborhood (Village representing)

The drive home was quiet because everyone (even me a few times while I was driving, but never for more than 10-15 min….don’t judge me) fell asleep.  We decided to finish off the weekend by ordering enough Chinese food to feed 2133245365409845 people (yum yum leftovers).  All in all a crazy awesome weekend.  The California Baker Boys thank Mama for it.

This morning will not be quite as much fun.  To begin with, as I am writing this blog I am stuck in a BART car somewhere just outside of Daly City.  Problem with the track.  I am thinking about starting to scream and act like the car is on fire just to see what happens.  Maybe I will make the news.

Cole also has a dentist appointment today to have two cavities filled.  Apparently Chemotherapy reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth which increases the amount of cavities (another in the long list of reasons to avoid Chemo unless you really need it.).

In addition we are still waiting on the green light for Operation I Really Hope That UCSF Starts Tomorrow And That We Are Randomized For The One Cycle Group.  We have an appointment at the Kaiser clinic this afternoon, so hopefully we will know by then (although I plan to start bugging them much earlier in the day to see if we can get the ball rolling a little faster).

In the meantime please raise your glasses and toast Cole, Graphic Artist.

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