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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The badassery of Cole appears to know no bounds.  In my last post I described Cole as getting better a little bit each day.  This past weekend Cole decided that enough was enough, and a little bit each day was no longer acceptable.  His counts jumped exponentially over the weekend.  Specifically his ANC count (basically his white blood cells which fight infection, etc) went from 60 on Friday to 360 on Saturday to 1330 on Sunday to 1900 on Monday to 3000 on Tuesday morning.  Now I am not an ANCologist, but I now that that is some kick ass recovery.  The doctors are talking about the possibility of going home as early as this Friday.  That’s right.  That’s how we roll. 

I am ecstatic that Cole will be coming home, and that we are now done with phase 2 of this insane process; however, I have to temper my enthusiasm a little because we still have a long road ahead of us. 

After Cole gets out, he will have about 4 weeks off before we start with the radiation therapy.  My understanding of this therapy is that the side effects are very minor (at least compared to Chemo, but then again the effects of falling off a 3 mile high cliff are minor compared to what Cole has gone through), and he will be medically cleared to go to school.  It really freaks me out to talk about him going back to school (afraid to jinx anything), but it is a very real possibility.  The radiation will be a logistical nightmare as Cole will be going to school in San Bruno, but the treatments are going to be in Santa Clara.  The treatments are every weekday for 3-4 weeks.  The gas alone is going to case a million dollars, not to mention that we will need to figure out how to get him there and back each day.  I will probably invoke the right of prima nocta….wait that is something else….. I mean the right of FLMA (if you don’t know what FLMA is, look it up.  It will be a good research project for you), and work ½ or ¾ days. 

While this will be tough financially, it will not be anywhere near as tough as when I was only working 3 days per week.  As always, with the help and support (which is still staggeringly amazing) of our friends and family, we will make it through.

On that note, please be aware that the date of the car wash fundraiser has changed.  In my last post, I said it would be on Saturday.  That is no longer correct.  It will now be held on Sunday, July 24th.  If you are interested in helping, or if you want more information, drop me an email and I will put you in touch with Joe and/or Jaci.  Thanks again to them for setting this up.

In other news, Logan, in his capacity as the ruler and absolute center of the universe, has made a one time exception to the ban on human slavery.  He has decreed that Sophia now belongs to him.  Sorry Chris and Tina for the loss of possession of your daughter.  If only your knees did not hurt so much, I would suggest that you try for another daughter, but this time try for one less awesome.  Oh well.

While we sort out the logistics of transferring possession of Sophie Bear to Logan, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, newscaster.

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