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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yo this weekend was off the hook.  We have a lot to talk about so we should get right to it and refrain from any distractions.  This means that we must please ask you to place your seatbacks in the upright position and return your tray tables the their locked position.  Please remove all jewelry and any shiny objects should also be put away as I am easily distracted (might be too late…I might have already become distracted….focus….focus….almost there….five more seconds and then I’ve got him…..focus….focus….yee ha, Jester’s Dead….)

Saturday was a super fun day.  I took Logan to his swim lesson where he, very enthusiastically, showed his teacher that he can put his whole head under water.  He also showed his teacher that you are not going to tell him what to do, and he will kick when he is good and ready and not a second before.  Oh he will placate her with a weak leg movement that cannot really be called a kick, but we know his game. 

Later the Arizonians came over and we had a rockin good time.  There were many secret meetings and elaborate plans that all somehow seemed to end with some combination of children throwing balls and Auntie Julia.  She screamed out in pain, but I think that deep down she really enjoyed the attention. 

When Logan went down for his nap, and the older girls went shopping, we continued our D&D adventure.  The team (also known in some gladiatorial circles as “Alotta Butt and Some Fries) fought valiantly for justice and all that cool stuff.  We eradicated many unsavory foes, and rescued those in danger. 

After Logan woke up, the kids all played and had a grand old time.  Logan especially has really taken to Sophia (he now has stated on multiple occasions that “his” Sophie Bear now lives with us.), but given her cuteness factor, who could blame him? 

By the end of all that, Cole was pretty beat.  To be honest (funny for me to ever say that with a straight face) I am amazed that he has been able to operate at the level of energy that he has.  I mean if you look at it, he went in to UCSF on 6/28.  First few days he still felt good enough to bounce around and dance, but he was still confined to this small room.  He got out on 7/22.  That is 3 weeks and 3 days of little to no exertion.  He has now been out less than 72 hours and he has been running all around chasing the Arizonians. 

Today Grandpa and Grandma Rinde came over to destroy my front patio (they had permission, don’t get mad at them).  Grandpa had a sledge hammer and was having just a grand old time so I thought that I would jump in and lay some smack down, hammer style.  Of course, I made the classic mistake of forgetting that I don’t do physical things normally (and in fact usually go out of my way to avoid doing physical things (physical things is the grown up word for moving) during the ordinary course of my life), and started swinging that stupid hammer over and over again.  Of course I hurt my knee.  Of course I will not be able to lift my arms tomorrow (wow I am old and out of shape.).

After doing a little work, I left the rest of it to the professional (professional is the grown up word for someone else) and went back to what I know and do best….nerdy things.  More D&D.  More justice fighting.  More awesome fun. 

Cole decided he wanted some chicken wings (a little tear came to my eye when I heard this.  I have never been so proud) for dinner, and since Cole has gone through everything that he has gone through, Elisa had to relent, so (Cole, make sure you use this leverage while you still can.  Eventually Momma will find a way to counter this power with one of her own.) we had some chicken wings for dinner.  AWESOME (and they really weren’t that good of wings.  They came from a frozen package and I baked them instead of frying them, but they were wings and wings are like another activity that I will not say cuz this is a family show…but it is the one that makes beasts with two backs and/or babies…., bad wings are better than no wings.

So all of the above was pretty cool, and I cannot tell you how much I love having Cole back in the house; however, concurrently with all of the awesomeness of today, we had the Car Wash Fundraiser organized by the SMAFTOAA (for those of you out of the loop, San Miguel Awesome Fundraising Team Of Awesome Awesomeness which is the grown up word for the Kaisers and Rossis).  The event was an amazing success. 

You know prior to all of this I was not a very sentimental guy (getting married, having kids, and watching Hoosiers aside), and I never really gave much thought to the goodness of people.  I was always kind of a social libertarian.  You leave me alone, I will leave you alone.  So it has been awe inspiring and humbling to see the outpouring of support and generosity of so many people.  Humans kick ass.

I need to go recover from this super awesome weekend and will post again in the not too distant future, but for now please raise your glasses and toast Cole, demolition expert.

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