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Friday, July 22, 2011

7-22-11 Superman is Back in The Building

He’s back.  He is back.  He has come home.  He is home.  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes (and for the record I wrote all of those out, no cutting and pasting). 

You know, I knew that the UCSF thing would be tough.  My kid gone for a month.  Seriously?  It’s almost funny how stressed out I get over each phase of this whole thing and then Cole seems to just glide through it.

When we first met with the UCSF doctors, I jokingly asked what the record time was that anyone recovered from this procedure.  The answer was 15 days post transplant by some construction worker.  Cole did 16. 

Cole seemed to have a pretty good day at home.  He played a little Wii with his uncle and cousins and then just hung out at the house.  He had good spirits, and ate a decent amount of dinner.  Around 8 or so he started to run out of gas.

Elisa hooked him up to his hydration IV and we started reading Mouse and the Motorcycle, but only got through one chapter.

I want to remind everyone that this Sunday we are having the Wash Your Car for Cole event at the self service carwash over by our house (Hillsdale and Saratoga in front of BevMo), being put on by Joe et al and Jaci et al.  The flyer is below.

We hope to see you out there on Sunday, but for now, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, badass.

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