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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3-16-11 64 means 64

I must apologize for my extended absence, but I have learned something interesting.  Artists always seem to be going through some emotional crisis when they do their best work.  While I am not so daft as to truly see myself as an artist, I am beginning to understand that it is, not easier, but more productive to be able to tap into a very strong emotion when trying to produce something creative. 

With that as a (I must say so myself) wonderful reason (being lazy just does not sound as awesome) for my failure to update for the last few days, I am happy to report that the last few days have been amazingly uninteresting, which is most certainly a good thing.  We had a good visit from Grandma Kathy last week.  She came in and allowed Elisa and I to work all week, and thus save up some sick days/pto days.  On Saturday, I took Logan to soccer, and the family pretty much just played all weekend.  Cole and I took the cars to car washes and had little mini walking adventures while we waited for them to get cleaned.  

Cole has been feeling great, and acting as sassy as ever.  His counts have looked pretty good, although his white blood cell counts were low on Monday.  On Monday we had to increase the amount of medicine that Cole gets in his daily shot.  I was really worried that he was going to freak out, but for the first time he did not cry at all.  This increase happens for the three days preceding his visit to UCSF for the stem cell collection.

Today Cole and I are going to the clinic to check his counts, get his dressing changed, and make sure that he is ready for the stem cell collection tomorrow.  Speaking of the stem cell collection, Cole and I have to be at UCSF at 7am tomorrow to begin the process of collection.  They have to install a new IV in his leg.  Hopefully they can get what they need on Thursday so that we don’t have to stay overnight.

Yesterday I also told Cole about the bone marrow aspiration procedure coming up next Tuesday.  He was pretty scared at first, but due to my rapist (sp?) like wit, he quickly got over it.

Today Cole is filling out his NCAA pool.  He started off using a modified wife/kid/geo system whereby whichever school names sounds more interesting gets the pick, but also, as a tiebreaker, the school closest to him gets the nod.  He has progressed into a mathematical probability system that seems to involve picking all favorites. 

Anyone who wants to go against Cole in the pool can email their picks to me at aric44@gmail.com, and deposit $10.00 into paypal.  The winner will get half of the proceeds and the Cole fund will get the other half.  I will post his picks later this afternoon.

In the meantime, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, the revolutionary leader who returned sanity to March Madness by outlawing the play-in games (“play in games”…it’s called the season folks)    

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