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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sorry that I have not written in a while, but I just have not had the energy. 

Grandma Kathy came out for the week to hang with Cole.  It is nice because this way Elisa and I can work all week and save a few sick/pto days for the future.  Today is Wednesday, which is usually my day to stay with Cole, and I find the very idea of being at work intolerable.  I am just wandering around the office in a fog, and all I can think about is how I feel like I am missing out on precious time that should be spent with Cole.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my mom came out to help us out, and Cole loves hanging with Grandma.  I just miss my time with him.

That aside, let’s do some updating.  Cole was discharged from round 2 of Chemo on Monday.  Thus far he has been doing extremely well, and has only had a couple of instances of nausea/vomiting.  His hair is mostly gone, and the hair that remains is a very light color, almost translucent, which sits atop his head like a strange clear helmet.  Like any 6 year old boy, he is indifferent to how he looks and acts like a regular 6 year old kid.  I know that he is very smart, and knows more than I sometimes choose to believe which makes his positive attitude all the more uplifting.

I talked to the medical staff yesterday and learned that the next rounds of chemo are less than 5 days (4 for each of round three and five, and 3 for each of round four and six).  They also gave the possibility that some of the future Chemo can be done at the outpatient clinic, which would be awesome. 

I want to thank everyone out there who has been so generous in their support  for Cole, and for our family.  The financial donations that have been given have been a true blessing, the dinners prepared have helped us maintain some sanity, and the general love and support has been overwhelming.  I thank you all.  We are only in the beginnings of this fight, and I am certain that our victory of the bastard will come as a result not from me nor from Elisa alone but from all of you.  Keep the well wishes coming, and I thank all of you who have helped, and I thank all of you in advance for the help that I am certain will come our way as we proceed through the process of getting rid of the monster in my baby.

For now; however, please raise your glasses and toast Cole Supreme Court Justice. 

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