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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Cole has the madness….March Madness.  For every game that is on, he paces back and forth screaming for his team to win.  He puts up signs and when they win, he dances around like a maniac.  His ultimate chosen team this year is San Diego State.  They are still in it, but have a tough contest against UConn.  Cole is winning the pool after the first two rounds.  He picked both the
Morehead St.
and Richmond upsets and the Richmond victory over
Morehead St

On to updates.  Today Cole had a minor procedure called a bone marrow aspiration.  Basically the doctor made two very small cuts on the backs of his hips and pulled some bone marrow out to test it.  Tomorrow (although now technically today because it is well after midnight when I am writing this) we are going back to Kaiser for an MRI, a CT Scan, and an MIBG test.  Cole will get sedated for the MRI.  Hopefully these tests will show that the tumor has decided to leave completely and that Cole will be back in school on Monday.  OK maybe it is a pipe dream, but it is my pipe dream so leave me alone.

Tomorrow night Cole will head back to be admitted for Chemo Round 3.  Dr. Wong said that this round of Chemo will have much more severe side effects, so Cole needs your thoughts and prayers even more than before.

For now however, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, the biologist.

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