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Thursday, April 21, 2011

4-21-11 Let's Go Giants

Dear Blog it has been four days since my last entry.  During that time I have been busy spending time with my family and enjoying life.

Cole came home from the hospital on Sunday evening, and has been doing very well all week.  Elisa has been home on Spring Break, so the two of them have been having the best of times hanging out.

Cole had a clinic visit on Tuesday, and his labs came back very good.  His WBC was so high that they took him off the shot.  He has labs again tomorrow, and will likely be back on the GCSF tomorrow evening.  He is not too upset about that though because he has grown accustomed to the shot, and now it is only a minor annoyance. 

He has been operating at a nice and high level of energy, and is even going to go ride bikes with his buddy Noah tomorrow.  All in all he has been doing well; however, I am not looking forward to the next round of Chemo as it is the same set of drugs that was in Chemo #3, which floored him.  At least this time we know what to expect and will be much more proactive in attacking the nausea.

I want to give everyone a heads up that on May 13th there will be a fundraising dinner in San Bruno.  There will be a donation box at the door as well as an auction.  We are still getting the items for the auction together, so if you have anything you would like to donate, or if you are a business owner, or know one, that would like to donate gift certificates and such, that would be greatly appreciated.  Drop me an email or catch me on facebook.  So far we have some pretty cool stuff that has been donated (even a signed SF Giants thing……stay tuned for what it is….if I feel like telling you…..which I will probably do later……I just like writing like this…….).

I will post again after Cole’s appointment tomorrow, but for now please raise your glasses and toast Cole, Federal Magistrate. 

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