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Friday, May 13, 2011


***Please note that I wrote this late last night, but the blog website was down, so I am just now posting it.***

Yesterday was a very interesting day.  I totally didn’t have to use my AK. 

To begin with some ladies from the Make-A-Wish foundation came by to discuss with Cole what kind of wish he would like.  Now for those of you who, as I used to be, are working under the impression that wishes are only granted to those that are losing the fight, so to speak, don’t worry.  The wonderful people of the Make-A-Wish foundation grant wishes to those kids who have diseases and conditions that are life threatening.

So anywhooo, these three ladies came by to talk to Cole about what kind of wish he wanted.  His wishes were: Disney Cruise, Iphone (but Cole, you already have a brand new Ipod.  Why do you need an Iphone?  because Dad the Iphone is more awesome), and trip to DisneyWorld.  The set up is pretty cool.  If they grant his wish, they pay all the expenses and everything.  Pretty Cool.

Also, just as the Make-A-Wishettes were leaving, our neighbors (see Prospect Insider discussions, infra…or is it supra….or is it just super) came by to drop off the brand new PS3 that she got Sony (her employer) to donate for the auction.  She also said that the winner can pick two games of their choice to go along with it.

Speaking of the dinner and auction today, it looks like it is going to be pretty cool.  The Congresswoman’s people (I love saying that) have informed me that she will probably come by around 5ish.  For the auction we have tons of cool stuff including but not limited to: Aaron Rowand signed jersey, football signed by Jim Otto of the Raiders, signed photo of Dan Boyle of the game 7 winning Sharks, a cake from Kathy’s Kreative Kakes, some handmade wood bowls and clocks, homemade beer, Skateboard stuff, some jewelry, cupcakes from Sibby’s, homemade cards, Dinner for 4 delivered to your door (courtesy of Bash Catering), Giants’ tickets, etc etc.  Come out, it is at St. Robert’s Church in San Bruno from 5-8.

In addition, The San Mateo County Times called me for an interview about the dinner.  I must say that Cole is rapidly becoming famouser than Captain Kangaroo.  Check out the paper’s article at http://www.mercurynews.com/san-mateo-county/ci_18053428.  They did a very nice article about the dinner.

My last post was a little premature regarding Cole’s status, but only a little.  He has most certainly been doing better than he was at this stage after Chemo #3, but he is still not back to where he was before going into Chemo #5.  I am happy that each day he is feeling a little bit better, and each day he is eating more and taking less anti-nausea medications.  He event went to Toys R Us with Elisa today to get a birthday present for Logan (who just turned 3 and I am happy to report that he has spent the entire week at school in underwear and has only been wearing a diaper at night.  Now if we can just expidite the learning how to wipe his own butt, life will be super good).

We are going to the clinic today to get his labs drawn.  I am hoping that all will be well.  I will write something about how the dinner goes tomorrow night, but for now, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, pitcher for your San Francisco Giants. 

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  1. Hi guys! I hope the fundraiser went well. Sounds like a lot of FUN!! I hope everyone had a GREAT time!