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Monday, May 9, 2011


First to some blog business.  I have enabled comments on the blog, so feel free to comment if you would like.  I had originally disabled comments because I was not emotionally strong enough at the beginning to have a discussion.  I was just writing to vent, and to get things off my chest.  I think that now; however, I am more ready to engage in conversations.

On to new business.

If Cole were a little bit older, this is what he would say to Chemo #5…”How you like me now?”  For those of you who have been with us for a while, Chemo #5 is the same set of drugs as Chemo #3 and they are nasty little buggers.  Last time this set really knocked him on his butt.  He had to stay at the hospital for a couple of extra days, and in the end the only thing that really pulled him out of his nausea and lethargy was the threat of a feeding tube.

This time could not have been any more different.  He had no problem eating (he did not eat much, and did not really have an appetite, but what he did eat stayed down), and no problem drinking.  His spirits stayed high all the way up to discharge (which was not delayed at all).  He did get a little sick this evening before bed, but not even really that bad.  I tell you, that kid is so much stronger that I could ever even hope to be. 

So now my little man is home, and we are 500/600ths of the way done with Chemo.  We do have one more little twist before we can get that last Chemo done.  The surgery.  We are all set for surgery on 5/24.  This means that in a mere 16 days Dr. Sullivan is going to go in and pull the remainder of that little bastard out of my son. 

In advance, I want to say good riddance, and f#*k you to that damn tumor.  Who do you think you are, trying to take my son away from me?  How dare you.  If you were a person, I would have killed you long ago, and I would have done it with my bare hands. 

After the surgery we will have one more round of Chemo (we bought the package deal, buy 5 get the sixth for free), and then we will be done with the destruction phase.  After that we will commence with the Marshall II plan.  We will painstakingly rebuild the good stuff inside him that we had previously destroyed (collateral damage). 

For now; however, let’s keep taking one step at a time.  Please raise your glasses and toast Cole,  Governor.

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  1. Thanks for this blog, Jim. We appreciate your using this to update us on how Cole and your family are doing. Not a day goes by where we don't think about Cole and his courageous fight several times over. He is -- and your family is -- a true inspiration.

    It's not always easy to know what to say, but please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all, and we are here to help with whatever you might need until this thing is ancient history.

    The Kaisers