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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So, here is something cool.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s office emailed me to RSVP for the dinner on 5/13 (still can’t get over the fact that it is Friday the 13th.).  This means one of two things.  Either the Congresswoman is very cool and really wants to help, or (and the odvious actual reason) the government is finally on to me. 

Ms. Speier will be at the dinner sometime between 7 and 8.  And if her presence alone was not presents enough, she is going to auction off a lunch with her (possibly in DC in the Member’s Lounge….sorry flight not included).  We are working out the details with her people (for years I have been trying to interact with someone else’s people and have always been thwarted….how sweet it is….how sweet it is) on how that is going to work exactly, but regardlessly, it will be fun.

And now for the reason that we are all actually here together tonight.  Cole has been doing well.  He went to the clinic today, and instead of getting his blood drawn, he received a bucket and was told to not only pee in the bucket for the next 24 hours, but to store said pee in the ‘fridgerator until tomorrow. 

On a separate not, Cole has decided to start a lemonade stand.  Best chilled lemonade in the Bay Area.

Tomorrow night Cole and I will check back in to a little B&B that we like to hang out at every three weeks or so.  This will be the fifth such trip of the hero in training.  Yes, you may not have known this (Royal Order IV prohibited me from discussing this until after he had passed certain trials), but Cole is a hero, of the olde schoole varietye, in training.  Thus far he has progressed through the training program with more success than even Baldor the Fat.  Epics will someday be written about him.  If anybody knows any blind poets that are looking for a job, please let me know.

All kidding aside, this round of Chemo is the nasty one.  This one really lays him out with the nausea and the lethargy.  Last time we had this set (Round 3), there was some sort of mix-up regarding the anti nausea medications, and he did not get everything that he could have gotten.  I think it was only the thought of his AZ cousins (and the threat of a feeding tube) that pulled him out of it.  Unfortunately this time we will not be able to pull out the AZ card, but I am hoping that if we use effective strategery with regards to medications (for both of us), we can get through this nasty round.

Assuming that we do, with little to no complications, we will be all set for his surgery on 5/24.  I have to say that I have gotten used to the Chemos, the hospital, the clinic, and the drastic change in our lives; however, I am petrified of this surgery.  Of course, Cole does not see it as a big deal.  Once I told him that he will be asleep for the whole surgery, he was totally fine with it.  I am not.

Well, let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, but for now please raise your glasses and toast Cole, restaurateur.  

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