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Monday, May 2, 2011

5-2-11 Fundraising Dinner Update

I am going to blatantly plagiarize someone else for this blog.  As you know the wonderful community of San Bruno is putting on a fundraiser dinner for Cole on May 13th (Friday the 13th.....awesome......).  The following is an email that the President of the PTA at Allen Elementary (yeah I know what you are thinking....wow Jim [by the way this is the first time that I have ever referred to myself in the third person and I feel delightfully dirty for doing it] how do you know so many powerful people?  All I can tell you is that the answer to the question can be found within the question itself.....yeah that was deep.  I think I have been hanging out with Julia and her decadent ways too much lately) sent out into the www world.  I will post some more concrete details as well as a very entertaining description of the items being auctioned off.

From Karin Cunningham:
Hi Friends,

Today, I am promoting a pasta dinner fundraiser for my son's teacher's 6 year old son at Allen School, San Bruno. Little Cole Baker has stage 4 cancer and receiving on going chemo treatments. He was diagnosed just this year. His father, Jim, is writing a daily blog/journal for the public to read. I don't know if her realizes that he is a very good writer and is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry. The link is posted above.

I reposted this blog link on Facebook to get the word out that some help might be needed and was approached by the Friends Helping Friends Committee at St. Robert's, also in San Bruno. They are putting together a pasta dinner fundraiser to help with the almost $30,000 extra dollars needed to help with medical bills. The Friends Helping Friends Committee is a a community group that helps raise funds for people in our community who are battling an illness.

Cole's Pasta Dinner Fundraiser:

Friday, May 13, 2011 5-8 pm Hennessy Hall, St. Robert's Church, San Bruno

Eat in or take out $10. Adults, $5. Children, $25. Family (up to 4 member)

Raffle and silent auction

Come show your support and enjoy a pasta dinner with friends!


Karin Cunningham (David and Jasmine Ochoa's mom)
Allen School PTA President

Thanks Karin

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