Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So today was the big surgery day for Cole.  He went in around 9:45 and was in surgery for almost 6 hours.  I am pretty sure that the actual surgery only lasted about 30 minutes, and the rest of the time was spent photographing all of his differnent body parts for medical textbooks (see the Chapter called, “ideal human form”) , but I can’t prove that.

The surgery was succesful in that the tumor mass was removed, no organs (or pianos) were removed, and 99% of the tumor cells were removed.  They had to leave a sheen on some of the body structures (like the aorta).  She did leave some little titaniam tags next to the sheens (and labled them destroy me please) for the radiation techs (think Star Wars or Star Trek) to know where to shoot their beams of cancer death.

Cole is in the PICU recovering this evening.  He has been waking up about every 30 minutes or so, and has been pretty out of it due to the morphine (which he is not sharing.  Will have to talk to him about that tomorrow); however, I know he is doing fine because all he wants to do is play D&D.  The doctors who have examined him, post-op, have been happy with how he looks.  Now comes the waiting game.  We wait for him to recover.  I think that this is the hardest part.  This is when he looks the most helpless, and I feel the most helpless as a parent.  It is, odviously, very fustrating to have to just sit and watch. 

We have a male nurse tonight, and he is pretty cool.  It is a very different experience having a male nurse.  Instead of polite laughter at my inappropriate jokes, I get to talk sports instead. 

Enough of that, let’s get to the important stuff.  On Monday, the Make-A-Wish people called my people (which means she called me), and let us know that they had approved Cole’s wish for a Disney World Trip.  7 days/6nights of Mickey Theme Park Awesomeness.  Not sure when we will go, but Cole is crazy excited about it.  We just have to figure out when we go.     

I will be in the hospital until Thursday morning, so I will probably do more writing, but for now, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, the heavyweight champion of the Mexical Wrestling League who is more famously known as, “El Pateador Del Culo.”

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