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Thursday, May 5, 2011

5-5-11 Heureux mai cinquième

So it has begun……a (mom approved if you can believe it) 48 hour run of uninterrupted Wii session.  Well sort of uninterrupted.  These doctors keep coming in and bothering us with stuff like medicine and information and other such nonsense.  I am happy to report that despite all of those distractions, the princess has been successfully rescued by the dynamic plumbing duo.  Now we have moved on to the bonus secret level.  It seems that it will keep us occupied for quite a while.

We started the first day of the 3 day cycle of Chemo #5, or as I like to call it..Chemo Number 5.  This is the nasty cycle (see cycle 3), but this time I am making sure to be as proactive as possible with respect to the anti-nausea medicines.  They even brought out a new one for us that apparently has only recently been approved for human Americans.

Cole has had a wonderful Alone With Daddy Playing Video Games All Day I Have Cancer And Am In The Hospital Getting Chemotherapy So I Can Eat Whatever I Want diet so far today.  The AWDPVGADIHCAAINTHGCSICEWIW Diet consists of an entire quart bag of Goldfish crackers, almost an entire super stack can of Pringles, and a fruit cup.  As a sign of solidarity, I also partook in an almost entire super stack can of Pringles.  For lunch we will be having mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Cole is planning on writing a book called, “The AWDPVGADIHCAAINTHGCSICEWIW Diet…..the last diet you will ever need.”  I imagine it will be a best seller even before it is written.  In fact, there is not really a point in actually writing it since its best sellerness is a foregone conclusion.  The best seller store can simple just mail us a check.  Thanks.

Right now I am witnessing a fight between modern science and the stubborn willpower of a 6 year old.  Cole was just given a dosage of Benadryl that I think is what they give to mastodons to help them sleep.  Cole does not want to sleep, and is fighting the wonderful effects of the drug.  I had to make a deal with him that he had to lay there for 30 minutes, and if he is still awake after 30 minutes, then he does not have to take a nap.  He lasted about 45 seconds before nodding off.  I hope his dream’s soundtrack for this nap is I fought the law and the law won. 

We have a nurse today that we have never had before.  I find that kind of amazing since we have spent so much quality time here.  We have been moved to the other side of the hall which is nice because the view is vastly superior on this side.  In a situation like this it is the little things that are important.

Well that does it for me for now.  Please raise your glasses and toast Cole, best selling author.

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