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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2-10-11 The Storm Will Pass

The last two days have been pretty exciting, and all in good ways.  Well at least good within the context of why we are all here reading (and in my case writing) this blog.  As an aside, I hate using the word blog.  I feel like such a poser.

That aside, let's do an update on Cole.   De-De-De-Dede-de-de-de (sorry teletype machine broke)
I hope you all saw the video of Cole on the bike riding down the hill.  Needless to say (what a ridiculous expression that I can't stop using), I have been very happy with how he has progressed.  His walking has gotten so much better.  When he was first admitted to the hospital last week, he had already been unable to put any pressure on his leg for nearly one week.  To go from that to having a surgery to being able to walk under his own power all the way down to the cafeteria (which for anyone who has not been to Santa Clara Kaiser is about 4523234 miles) and back is amazing and makes me so very happy.

The feeling however, is bittersweet.  We have been pushing him to feel better and get better all the while knowing that tomorrow we are going to level him with Chemotherapy.   I just hope that he can forgive me for what we have to do to his body, and I hope that eventually he will understand that we are doing what must be done.  Please son understand that we are running a marathon here, and not a sprint.  The bad stuff now will pay off in the long run. 

So tomorrow it begins.  The ultimate battle of wills.  One one side we have one very nasty little bastard.  On the other side we have the collective will power of hundreds and maybe thousands of people, all of whom will direct all energies towards defeating this monster.  Cole rest assured that we will succeed and you will have to spend the next 15 years writing thank you cards to all of the people who have helped.  And you know what my son?  Your mother, your father, your brother, and your entire family will gladly help you.  We will have the greatest thank you card writing party in the history of the universe.  And that is all I have to say about that.

Now many of you have offered to help in a wide variety of ways.  The amount of love and support that we have received thus far is staggering and amazing and uplifting, and we would have crumbled long ago without it.  For that I thank you.  We still have many ways that people can help.  I promise that within the next day or two we will post via this blog, facebook, and emails the best ways to help and the best ways to organize all of that wonderful assistance so that we can maximize everyone's efforts in winning this fight. 

Please spread the word about Cole, please stay tuned and in the meantime please raise your glasses and toast Cole, the Doctor.

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