Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ever since learning about Cole's cancer, I have had a pain in my chest.  However, once Elisa and I decided that on Wednesday we would tell Cole that he has a tumor and that he will have to have special medicine and will then get to go  home to rest for a few weeks, and then do it all over again I have had a horrible pain in my stomach.  Last night's ramble is a testamant to my inability to sleep due to the pain. 

The moment finally arrived and of course, Cole took it in stride.  Kids are truly amazing.  He asked a few questions and then told us that he probably would not be feeling good enough to go back to school after his five days of medicine.  He did not seem scared of confused.  I know that he has known for a while that there is something wrong and it is serious.  He is a smart kid and knows how to listen to adults who sometimes kind of forget he is in the room so they have conversations that might be better had outside.

He seemed to be in good spirits for most of the day, thanks in large part to Uncle Chris.  Uncle Chris and Cole were wheeling and dealing and negotiating everything.  For example, if Cole wanted to eat a meal in bed, he had to first walk all the way down the hall.  This approach by Chris was just what Cole needed because it pushed him, but still allowed him to be able to choose and control some aspects of his life. 

This brings me to the best part of my day from (now yesterday as this entry is being finished on 2-9).  COLE IS WALKING!!!!!!!!  I cannot express my joy at seeing him walk around last night.  It increased the amount of hope that I have, and every little bit certainly helps.

We will soon be entering the next phase of this whole ordeal: The treatment phase.  Cole will start Chemo on Friday, and the first cycle will last 5 days.  After that, as soon as he feels up to it, he will be allowed to go home for about three weeks before starting the next cycle of Chemo.  Big picture is 5 cycles of Chemo, 1 surgery, 1 cycle of Chemo, Stem Cell Transfusion, Radiation, then Maintenance Therapy. 

The amount of love and well wishes that have been sent Cole's way have been overwhelimingly wonderful.  I know that everyone wants to help, and right now the executive committe of Destroy the Damn Thing in Cole's Belly Inc., are working on a plan that will allow anybody to help in the various ways that they feel most comfortable and they ways in which they want to help.  We will be setting up some ways for people to help with physical things (dinners, help around the house, etc.), time (watching kids, etc), and money (if that is how some want to help).  Please be patient, and we will be sending out the word on how everyone can help.  Again the amount people who have expressed a desire to help, just to me much less Elisa or other members of my family, has been awe inspiring.  I thank you each for that. 

For now; however, please raise your glasses and make a toast to Cole, the Small Business Owner.

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