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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2-23-11 Back Home

Cole is back home!!!!  More on that to follow.

I would first like to take an opportunity to offer up a special thanks to someone.  Now there is no way that I could, in this posting, possibly thank everyone that has helped us thus far in this process.  I would like to; however, share an amazing story with you that comes to us by way of Washington.

My neighbor, Joe, is from Washington.  When he heard about Cole he reached out to friends of his up in the rainy Northwest.  Cole's story was told on the radio, was tweeted, and ultimately ended up at www.prospectinsider.com.  Just putting Cole's story on his website, which is a sports site, was a wonderful thing to do, but Prospect Insider went even further.  He offered a forever subscription to his website for anyone who donates $50.00.  None of these people know me nor my family; however the generosity of these people has been astounding.  Washington is being well represented, and for that I thank you Prospect Insider.

Now on to the reason that we are all here.  Let me quickly recap the last few days.  On Monday Cole and I went to the clinic for his scheduled blood draw.  It took all of five minutes and we found ourselves back on the road home.  We had a great day.  Some neighbor kids came over and played.  Cole spent some time outside.  Then the call came.  Cole's blood counts were lower than expected, and they wanted him to come in for a transfusion.  We were initially told that we would only be in for a few hours and then would be able to go back home.  Of course Cole showed a fever once we were in the hospital, and we were stuck in room 3204 once again.  He had a good night on Monday with no fever, and we again were hopeful of a quick return home.  Unfortunately we were yet again thwarted by gods of fate.  We were then told that he had to be fever free for 48 hours before he could go home.

Cole was pretty upset, but he is a tough kid, and he had his awesome Auntie Julia to help him Cope.  To be honest; however, I am not sure if it is Auntie Julia that he loves so much or her I Phone.  Regardless we planned (I am sure that thwarted plans will be a continuous theme for some time to come) for a 6pm(ish) Wednesday departure.  Of course fate was not done playing with us for this adventure.  Auntie Laura called me at around 11 am and told me that Cole was going home in about an hour. 

While I was extremely happy for Cole, I was totally caught off guard.  The closest car seat was up in San Bruno.  Fortunately Grandma Rinde picked up a seat and they were able to get Cole home.  I cannot tell you how happy I am right now knowing that Cole, Logan, and Elisa are, right now, soundly sleeping in their beds at home....where they all belong.  Trials and tribulations aside, we ended up in the right spot.

This little adventure did make me realize that I have to get some ready gear together so that we will be prepared for any situations that may pop up.  I will be spending the next few days putting together a bag (that will, because I am a Baker, very quickly expand until we will have to rent a U-Haul truck) with a few changes of clothes, some toys/activities, important documents, etc (yes they will all be in Ziploc bags) that will be able to travel with Cole where ever he is, regardless of who he is with.  So that is my homework for the rest of the week.

Cole is set to go in for his next round of Chemotherapy on Friday 3/4, so please keep him in your thoughts.  But for now, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, video game designer. 

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