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Friday, February 11, 2011

2-11-11 A Quick Thank You

Happy Birthday to me.  Today I received a wonderful birthday present.  My son took the first step to winning this fight.  As I write this post, Cole is currently sleeping soundly and peacefully in his bed while the Chemotherapy attacks the tumor.  God Speed to you medicine and I thank you.

On the topic of thanks, I cannot possibly thank everyone who has helped so far, and I know that there are a great many more helpers out there waiting in the wings.  I do want to take a moment to offer up a great deal of thanks to my brother Chris.  Among so many other things, he has helped me with the technical aspects of getting this blog off the ground and getting it read (last time I looked we had readers all over America, in Canada, Alaska, Germany, UK).  In addition he created some pages which can be accessed from the tabs at the tops of the pages which discuss how you can help.  There are many different ways to help, and we will gladly accept any and all help we can get.  So far we have already been so blessed with so many well wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers.  For that I thank you.

I will probably post another entry tonight to give an update about Cole's day, but I just wanted to recognize Chris for his help in organizing the helpers.  For now, however, please raise your glasses and toast Cole the engineer.

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