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Friday, February 25, 2011


Well today sure is a rainy, stormy day.  Hopefully it is not a metaphor for Cole's day today.  He had a great day yesterday.  His appetite seems to be back, and is embracing his diet of high fat foods like any normal 6 year old (yes I know he is not 6 yet but his birthday is less than 2 months away so leave me alone) which means that he pre-ordered doughnuts for breakfast this morning.

Yesterday was a fun day with Cole.  He turned on his radio and moved his chair and rug out of the room, and created a dance floor.  Just in case anyone got lost or distracted in the living room, he made signs directing all the party people to the dance floor in room 7.  Cole also received a visitor from his school, Noah (his best buddy).  Noah brought Cole his homework and various other things from the class.  Cole was very happy to see his friend, and he may be having a playdate with his two buds this weekend. 

We have a busy day today.  We have to go up to UCSF to meet those folks, and presumably do some paperwork.  UCSF is where the stem cell transfusion will take place.  They (not sure if Kaiser or UCSF...need to check on that) are going to harvest Cole's stem cells after the second round of Chemo (which starts 3/4), and then after all 6 Chemo treatments (and a surgery for good measure), Cole will be up at UCSF for a couple of weeks while they give him his own stem cells back. 

I would like to take a moment to comment on the overall awesomeness of modern medicine and science.  There, I commented.

Cole also needs a dressing change for the dressing on his chest, which covers his Broviac (permanent IV), and the Kaiser people have asked UCSF to do it when we go up this morning.  If UCSF is unable to do it, then we will have to drive down to Kaiser Santa Clara to get the dressing changed.  Hopefully we will not end up having to experience another unforeseen stay at the hospital. 

For now; however, please raise your glasses and toast Cole, news anchor for Channel 2.

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