Dude, Cancer sucks. I will prove it to you.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty good day for Cole.  He was able to get his dressings and some of his tubes taken out.  His personality came back and he was in very good spirits.  In the afternoon Julia kicked me out of the hospital room to go take a nap, and when I got back I found out that he had sat up, and that he had been playing monopoly and monopoly deal with Elisa and Julia.  Seeing him vertical (or at least his top half vertical) made me very happy.

Also yesterday Uncle Chris showed up to help out.  He came armed with, I am sure, thousands of dollars of fun electronic equipment for Cole to play with including but not limited to a Nintendo Wii.  The arrival of Chris also brought about another happy little battle won.  Since his surgery on Friday, Cole had drunk about 15 apple juice boxes.  On Sunday he finally was able to eat.  The result of that apple juice and food apparently came quickly and unexpectedly.  Sorry Chris (but only kind of) that Elisa and I had taken Logan home for the night before that.

I finally said the word Cancer out loud today.  I did not really mean to, and I did not really plan to.  I definitely did not come to any sudden realization nor did I find some heretofore hidden reservoir of strength.  Someone and work just casually asked me if I watched the Super Bowl.  After saying no, he asked why, and I said that my son had been diagnosed with Cancer and that I had been at the hospital.  Strange how things that you stress over seem to resolve themselves in very anti-climactic ways.  As an interesting side note, the person I was speaking with just happens to have the name Angel.  Go figure.

Chris and Julia have been kind enough to take the duty for the next couple of days so that Elisa and I are free to spend time working, being with Logan, being with each other, etc.  Elisa is going to go down and visit Cole this afternoon, and I am going to be at home with Logan.  Trying to balance spending time with everyone is going to be difficult, and is very hard, but all we can do is do the best that we can.

Chris has been sending regular updates (I have no idea how people lived without text messaging and internet even though I am old enough to remember it).  Cole has been up and has been sitting in chairs, so that is good news.

I may post again later tonight, but for now please raise your glasses and toast Cole, the inventor of something even more awesome than the internet. 

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