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Monday, February 21, 2011

2-21-11 Room 3204 Redux

Well this sucks.  Cole has been progressing well over the last few days.  We even, in an abundance of caution, called the doctor yesterday.  She said that everything seemed normal.

This morning we went to his first blood draw appointment.  It took about 30 seconds and we were back on our way home.  The doctor said that they would call if the numbers were low, and if we had to come back in.  As I drove home I was confident that all was well.  Of course, Kaiser ultimately called and wanted him to come in for some more blood. 

Once we got to the hospital, Cole developed a fever.  With his low white blood cells so low, any fever is a great concern.  As a result, they decided to keep him overnight to give him some antibiotics and to monitor him.  So here we are again, Cole in a hospital bed in room 3204 (very nice of them to save it for us) and the rest of us scrambling to get the logistics together to have someone watching him in the hospital, taking care of Logan and making sure Elisa and I get to work tomorrow.  Fortunately Julia was coming to the house this evening anyway so that she could watch him tomorrow, so we just moved the whole operation south about 45 minutes.

I have to say that this really sucks.  This weekend was so nice.  I got to watch Cole’s personality come back, his energy come back, and we almost had a normal weekend.  Back to reality I guess.  When we were here last week, we heard a story of a kid who had gone through the entire Chemo process without ever having to come back into the hospital for unplanned visits.  While I understand that the doctor was saying that this kid was the only such case in her years of experience, I still had had dreams of Cole following that path.  5 days later, here we are.  This sucks.

I am hoping that this stay in the hospital will end tomorrow, and that Julia will be able to bring him home in the morning.  In the meantime, please raise your glass and toast Cole, the television producer. 

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