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Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-11 Day 4 of Chemo

Sorry for not writing last night, but I spent a wonderful evening with Elisa and Logan.  Elisa made a nice dinner and we sat down and I was almost able to pretend for just a few moments that Cole wasn’t in the hospital but was actually over at a friend’s house for dinner.  Of course that type of fantasy ends up causing more pain when the truth, as it always seems to do, comes crashing back in.  Still it was nice to sit with my wife for just a little while and catch my breath. 

To begin with, Happy Valentine’s Day.  I usually am not a big fan of this day because I always thought it insulting that I needed Hallmark to remind me to tell Elisa that I love her.  This Valentine’s Day is different.  In the midst of this trying time it is nice to have this day to remind me, not that I love Elisa but, how much I love her.  I know that she would disagree with me (probably more out of principal than anything, but that is another thing that I love about her), but I have been blessed for over 7 years with the opportunity to see that she is an amazingly strong woman, an amazing wife, and an unbelievable mother.  I hope that she knows how much I truly love her. 

OK, enough sappy stuff.  I guess I have a couple of days of updating to do, so here goes.   As I write this Cole is working his way through his 4th day of Chemotherapy.  He seems to be handling it well so far.  They give him a substantial amount of anti-nausea medication prior to each treatment so that he will never (or at least be delayed in) associate the therapy with nausea.  Over the weekend Cole had developed a fever which has been very concerning and has caused even more stress for Elisa and I (if that is even possible any more).  With Chemotherapy Cole’s immune system is being suppressed and he is much more susceptible to getting sick.  As a result, the doctors told us that if his fever has not gone away by Wednesday, he will not be going home as planned.  As you can imagine we did not take this well. 

I am glad to report however, that through a combination of Tylenol, blood transfusion (is it a transfusion if we only add?  I think so.), and Elisa’s magic mommy vibes, Cole slept through all of last night without a fever and has been fever free all day so far.  He has not taken any more Tylenol today, so hopefully we are in the clear.  I know that he had a good temperature reading because Cole texted it to me.

That’s right, Cole can text.  No, I did not buy him a phone.  Chris set him up with a phone number through Cole’s gmail account.  You may have noticed a button on the blog that says “Call Me.  If you call him, it will go straight to his voicemail and he can listen to it on the computer.  He can also send text messages from the computer to cell phones.  Amazing.

I want to send a general thank you to all of you who have helped thus far.  We have managed to raise over $1,000.00, my big chest deep freezer (that fortunately I just got for Christmas) is practically full of food, my dog has been walked more in the last two weeks that the previous two months, I have hot water pressure in my house again, Cole and Logan each have their own rooms and Cole’s has been painted, etc, etc.  I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all the help, love, donations, and well wishes that have come pouring in.  We could not have even gotten this far without you, and we could not make it through this whole process without you. 

Please check back soon as we have some exciting fundraising events coming up in the near future.  Outback will be sponsoring a curbside takeaway dinner night.  I will let you know the date and how to purchase tickets for that.  Also we are working on a raffle that will likely include some combination of original artwork from Cole, some world famous homemade Baker BBQ sauce, and there is even the possibility that we might have some signed Giants stuff (by Giants I do mean the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants) to auction off.  Stay tuned, it will be exciting.
For now; however, please raise your glasses and toast Cole the acclaimed film director. 

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